Rudimental’s ‘Waiting All Night’ Video: A Positive Disability Story

This is old news really – this track has already been number 1 in the UK charts. But I only recently sat down and watched the Rudimental ‘Waiting All Night’ video all the way through and I was genuinely moved.

Waiting All Night 3

Rudimental have broken the mould and done something really positive with this video. Rather than the usual music format, there are no boring band shots, dance routines or ladies in a state of undress, in fact there are no shots of the band at all. Instead, it features a documentary about Kurt Yaeger, a BMX rider, who  loses his lower leg after a motorbike accident. The video charts his road to recovery from leaving hospital in a wheel chair, to getting  his prosthetic leg and ultimately getting back on his bike. It is such a refreshing and unsentimental look at disability and a brilliant use of air time. Have a look – it’s great.

Read more about Kurt Yaeger in this Cosmopolitan Magazine article.


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