Poo Pride! The Alternative Bristol Stool Chart

I was really pleased to see this alternative version of the Bristol Stool Chart on the blog Sectioned. Sadly not adopted by the NHS quite yet, it includes one of the most creative uses of the Cadbury’s Picnic chocolate bar I’ve seen…

Beyond that, Sectioned is a great blog about mental illness & ‘fun stuff’. Sectioned tweets as @Sectioned_ and is winner of 2013 Twental Health Awards for Patient Experience Tweeter & Subversive Tweeter. Praise indeed.

The Alternative Bristol Stool Chart

The Alternative Bristol Stool Chart



On Thursday 1st August at 8pm, the #PooPride tweet chat with We Nurses took place – woo Update smallhoo!



Having been on twitter for a little over a year, I’ve seen lots of topics discussed. Bowel problems aren’t one of them. Which is odd, given the effect many psychiatric medications have on your digestive system. My hints on twitter about my debilitating bowel problems seemed to go unnoticed. However, since there are a lot of people taking psychiatric medications, and for long periods, there must be a lot of people out there with constipation and other bowel problems who are suffering in silence.

At Easter, Charlotte Walker (@BipolarBlogger) blogged about a weekend away and how medication and bowel problems had affected her. I recognised the juggling act and stress of taking medications and planning toilet breaks. Then, yesterday evening, I spotted a tweet by Charlotte about constipation…

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