Fortunately I haven’t been ‘caught out’ many times over the years. I have developed strong rectal and pelvic floor muscles (as my surgeon helpfully told me last time I had a colonoscopy…!).

But I have had bad experiences. A time that has stayed with me was at a London rail station. I had a flare up and was bleeding, but the toilets were locked. When I asked the station staff if they could unlock the loos, I was told that the person with the key to the toilet had ‘gone on a break’ and I couldn’t use the toilet. I bled into my knickers. Nice.

So I bought a Radar NKS Key – it’s a key for disabled loos. It currently costs £4 including postage within the UK. You can then download the App for free – it will tell you where the nearest loo is and give you directions for how to get there.

Sorted. Hopefully.


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