Fertility & Autoimmune Disease

There’s no easy way to say it. Having an auto-immune disease can shorten your fertile life.

After my surgeries I had tests to see if my fertility had been affected. There was no scarring to my womb and my fallopian tubes were clear. I was ovulating. I felt pretty hopeful.

But…further tests showed that I had a low ovarian reserve. This means that I have very few eggs left and those eggs are likely to be poor quality. I was told that this is probably a result of having an auto immune disease. I was 33. I was offered IVF treatment but given a potential success rate of just 10% – compared to an average success rate of over 32% for women my age.

I had one round of IVF and, although I produced 3 eggs, 2 of which fertilised, it was unsuccessful. I am now looking into having immune testing and talking to private clinics..I will let you know how I get on. Fingers crossed. I’d love to have some positive news!

If you have an auto-immune disease it is well worth checking your ovarian reserve. Ask your GP for AMH & FSH blood tests.

Hold on…What are AMH & FSH? AMH gives you an indication of your ovarian reserve, which is how many eggs you have left. A low level (under 15 for women under 35) means that your egg reserve is low and may be of poor quality. Your FSH indicates how hard your pituitary glad is working to get your ovaries to do their thing, so a high FSH shows your ovaries aren’t working efficiently, which also suggests egg quality is likely to be poor.

My FSH was very high, at 19, and my AMH was very low, at <1.1.



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