Booze, Wine & Sulphates

Maranones Picarana 2011

Maranones Picarana 2011

Ah a nice glass of wine – how I miss it! One of the most upsetting lifestyle changes that I have had to make is cutting out alcohol. I am practically teetotal.. Oh dear.

I’ve stopped drinking before. After flare-ups and stints of intravenous steroids in hospital, it makes sense to take it easy and not hit the sauce straight away, but this time I’m worried it might be for keeps. Alcohol just makes me feel so crushingly awful the following day and sometimes my guts bleed a little. Even one glass of wine can see me exhausted the day after, needing a nap in the afternoon – ridiculous!

Of course you don’t need to drink to have a good time and all that blah blah. But I miss the taste. My goal is to be able to have a glass of wine. I keep trying, but generally it doesn’t end well.

Saying that, the best results I’ve had have been with low sulphite organic wines. Sulphites are widely used as preservatives in wine and beer but some people are allergic to them. I find that the odd glass of sulphite free wine is OK (as long as I don’t get over excited and drink more than one glass and then take a couple of weeks’ abstinence to be safe!)

The good people at The Sampler wine shops have come up with some fantastic wines that fit my ridiculous dietary needs. They are so helpful – check them out. All the wines pictured here are sulphite free or very low in sulphites, taste delicious and are available online at The Sampler.

Bel Endroit St Joseph 2010

Bel Endroit St Joseph 2010

Fourier Bourgogne Blanc 2010

Fourier Bourgogne Blanc 2010


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