At the Beach

When I contemplated going on my first beach holiday after my stoma surgery, I was determined that I would be swimming in the sea and lying on the beach. But what to wear? No one wants a stoma bag sized bump showing through their swimming costume and I didn’t really want to be hiding under an oversized Tee.

So I figured I needed something to keep my bag flat. The answer was control fabric! I found this swimming costume by For Luna; a 1950s style with ruching over the tummy area and a ‘lot of support‘ inside ‘so your waist is defined and your tummy controlled ‘.  Perfect!

It worked. My bag stayed flat, even when it filled. The ruching on the costume evened out any lumps and bumps. I honestly think that no one was any the wiser. The bag was absolutely fine in the sea and the pool. The adhesive plate of the bag became a bit sticky and gunky but it almost made it more effective – it was quite hard to take off. I had no leaks.



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